Lars Peterson Editorial Services

To the depth of a hair and a half.

Writing and Editing, Editorial Project Management, and Miscellaneous Literary Labor

I’ll write almost anything. I’ll edit almost anything, too.

Blogs & Websites

I’ve got a blog right here, with some fun stuff to read, which is occasionally updated. Please add it to your RSS reader!

For paying clients, I have written and edited posts for small business, personal finance, health, travel, beauty, frugal living, and lots more. I have written web copy for travel agencies, aromatherapy shops, entertainment marketers, graphic designers and others.

What else? I’ve got a knack for information architecture. If you think about it, website info design is not too different than planning a book. I’ve done a lot of that, too.

Consumer Packaging & Collateral

When I was in college, I used to think the folks who did this kind of writing were sellouts. Maybe we are!

Okay. That’s not fair. There’s real artistry in fitting client expectations, brand voice, and product messaging into three bullet points and a  blurb on the back of a Nintendo DS game cartridge box. Truly there is!

Here are just a few of the ways I’ve sold my soul.

  • Game manuals & guides
  • Consumer facing brochures and catalogs
  • Movie key art taglines

Editorial & Project Management

I’ve edited a large pile of books. Dozens of them in fact. See for yourself! Were you to stack them all up, you’d have a wobbly side table or a low ottoman.

Just in case you think writing and  editing is only grammar and spelling, for all of the publications behind that link I pitched ideas, interviewed and hired writers, created editorial calendars, pestered the hired writers to meet deadlines, congratulated them on their successes and encouraged them through their failures, shepherded manuscripts through production (which included me cleaning up grammar and spelling miscues), streamlined workflow (an ongoing process in collaboration with the graphics team), coordinated printing…

Meanwhile, there were marketing-related activities to be done: press releases, back-of-book, catalogs, sell sheets, review copies to wrangle, and lots more.

I don’t manage many print publications these days, but I have managed and edited freelancers for several blogs and currently am for a popular frugal living website.  Herding writers is herding writers, whatever the venue. My writing and editing frequently appears on the site.

So now that we know what I have done for others, what can I write for you?